Archives from July 2007

Jack Stahl on Frameworks for Successful Leadership

One of the decade's top CEOs offers his own lessons on leadership.

July 27, 2007 / Podcast # 07-15

Jack Stahl

Jack Stahl became a top executive of two world-famous corporations – Cola Cola and Revlon – before the age of 50. In his book Lessons on Leadership, Stahl offers the down to earth approach to business leadership that fueled his meteoric rise through the corporate ranks. Read more…


Cindy Rabe on the Challenge to Innovate

How to overcome the "GroupThink" and "ExpertThink" that stifles new ideas.

July 20, 2007 / Podcast # 07-14

Cindy Rabe

In her book The Innovation Killer: How What We Know Limits What We Can Imagine and What Smart Companies Are Doing About It (AMACOM), Cindy Rabe talks about how to defeat the kind of thinking that can overcome teams and kill true innovation. Cindy offers insights on how to find and work with the right people and shows, through fascinating real-world examples, the huge difference they can make. Read more…


Bob Wall on Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

An essential tool for better workplace performance and effective professional relationships.

July 13, 2007 / Podcast # 07-13

Bob Wall

When managers coach their team members on their performance, “emotional intelligence” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But some believe that performance development depends on the employee’s emotional intelligence, and the ability of the manager to encourage and increase it. In his book, Coaching for Emotional Intelligence (AMACOM), Bob Wall provides a carefully planned strategy Read more…


Dick Martin on Rebuilding Brand America

What can U.S. companies do to protect their business and promote goodwill among global customers?

July 6, 2007 / Podcast # 07-12

Dick Martin

In his book Rebuilding Brand America (AMACOM), Dick Martin argues that in today’s global economy, American companies can no longer afford to overlook how anti-American sentiment affects their business. He then looks at how some of America’s best companies have risen to this challenge, and in doing so have thrived in international markets while being recognized as ambassadors of goodwill across the world. Read more…