Adrian Ott on Customers Who Are Always Connected

Renting a movie can be fun, until the next day when you have to find time to return it to the store. Netflix saw that, and revolutionized the movie rental industry with easy delivery and no late fees. Blockbuster, late to the movies on demand game, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. When time is our most precious resource, companies who value that and cater to the customer’s needs are the ones who rise to and stay on top. In her new book The 24 Hour Customer, Adrian Ott suggests that time is the most important competitive factor in today’s economy.

Adrian Ott, CEO and Founder of Exponential Edge, Inc., has been called one of Silicon Valley’s most respected, if not the most respected strategist by Consulting Magazine. She has collaborated with some of the most innovative companies in the world including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sierra Ventures, Seagate, AT&T, and Clorox, to name a few. She is the author of a new book, The 24 Hour Customer: New Rules For Winning In A Time Starved, Always Connected Economy.

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