Shoya Zichy on the Power of Personality

Shoya Zichy, author of Personality Power, discusses the Color Q system, a personality identification system that can be used in your personal and professional life. The Color Q system is used to determine the needs, values, and special talent of each of the four temperament groups, and what strategies to use when dealing with each group. Are you a Gold? Goal oriented, grounded, and realistic. A Red? Action orientated, and focused on the now. A Blue? Theoretical, and knowledge driven. Or maybe you are a Green? Empathetic, and expressive. Enjoy work, life, and boost your career by knowing which group you fit into and what environment caters to your strengths. Learn more on building a diverse team to maximize creativeness, or find complementary group to speed up workflow and unify project vision.

An internationally recognized author and speaker, Shoya Zichy specializes in energetic, humor-filled and practical seminars on team building, leadership, sales, women’s initiatives, career development and developing a coaching culture. She is also an adjunct instructor at New York University.Her clients include Merrill Lynch, UBS, ABN, Northern Trust, Prudential, the U.S. Treasury, the Government of PA and Effat University in Saudi Arabia, among others. Her work has been featured in Fortune, Newsday, Barron’s, the Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Post, Memphis RSVP, US 1 and on CNN.
She is the author of Career Match: Connecting Who You Are With What You’ll Love To Do, recipient of the Mensa-supported Sharp Writ Book Award 2010 for “Best Research.” Her other books include Women and The Leadership Q, Color Q Profiles: For More Success in Work and Relationships, Color Q Coaching and Getting Along With Your Family. Her work has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Italian and Korean.

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