Aviad Meitar on Refreshing Romania with Pepsi

A familiar brand in America but overseas, Pepsi was not a household name until now. In his new book, An Unimaginable Journey: How Pepsi Beat the Odds in Romania, Aviad Meitar explains how they noticed that Romania was an emerging economy, poised to become a significant trade partner with the rest of Europe and overseas. By bringing new skills, sales and management to a community eager to learn, he oversaw the group’s growth to the ultimate sale of the business to PepsiCo’s 2nd largest bottler worldwide in mid 2006.

Aviad received a law degree from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from Boston University. He joined Quadrant Management, the management arm of a privately owned investment fund called North American resources, right after its formation. He started going to Romania in early 1991 and set up the Pepsi business venture on their behalf.

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