Andrew Faas on the True Face of Bullying

Bullying is still a hot topic, one even world leaders are weighing in on. However, bullying looks different in the workplace than it does on the playground, more subtle and insidious. Some workplace cultures even encourage bullying behavior. Andrew Faas has some tips on how to identify bullying and what to do when you discover it.

Andrew Faas is a management advisor who focuses on organizational transformations. He is a former senior executive with Loblaw Companies Limited and Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest retailers and now heads the Faas Foundation which focuses on Health Care, Education and Medical Research. Andrew Faas is the author of The Bully’s Trap – Bullying in the Workplace which provides a comprehensive and provocative insight into the dynamics, impacts and costs of bullying in the workplace, providing advice to the targets, bystanders, bullies and families and friends of those who are targeted.

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