Tim Phillips on Talking Normally at Work

For our last podcast of 2011 we talked to Tim Philips, author of Talk Normal, about the best way to speak professionally. While an evolving and agile language is generally a good thing, it can lead to misunderstandings, highly detrimental in the workplace, especially in a global world where English is mostly spoken as a second language. Tim stresses that perfect grammar and sounding smart is less important than clarity and understanding.

Tim Phillips is a freelance journalist who’s written for the Wall Street Journal Europe, the International Herald Tribune, The Guardian, The Observer, the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and the Daily Express, among others. He is a frequent guest on BBC television and radio and Sky News, as well as a regular conference speaker. He’s also author of Fit To Bust: How Great Companies Fail, Knockoff: The Deadly Trade In Counterfeit Goods, and he’s co-author with Terry Hunt and Clive Humby of the bestselling Scoring Points. He’s most recently the author of Talk Normal: Stop the Business Speak, Jargon, and Waffle..

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