Chris Conde on Taking Steps to Prosper through the Downturn

How taking bold action during times of crisis can be beneficial.

June 11, 2010 / Podcast # 10-24

Chris Conde

When Chris Conde saw the first signs of the recession he didn’t waste any time. By paying attention to the warning signs and taking decisive action early, he put his company, Sunguard, in a position to compete while others were just trying to survive. By focusing on upcoming economic indicators (instead of looking back) and through the use of innovative inter-office technologies, he was able to avoid deep cuts to his workforce and Sunguard is now back to full capacity. Read more…


Aviad Meitar on Refreshing Romania with Pepsi

How he brought Pepsi to Romania.

May 28, 2010 / Podcast # 10-22

Aviad Meitar

A familiar brand in America but overseas, Pepsi was not a household name until now. In his new book, An Unimaginable Journey: How Pepsi Beat the Odds in Romania, Aviad Meitar explains how they noticed that Romania was an emerging economy, poised to become a significant trade partner with the rest of Europe and overseas. By bringing new skills, sales and management to a community eager to learn, he oversaw the group’s growth to the ultimate sale of the business to PepsiCo’s 2nd largest bottler worldwide in mid 2006. Read more…


David Rhodes on Management During Recession

During a time of slow growth, companies need to be more mindful and innovative.

April 2, 2010 / Podcast # 10-14

David Rhodes

Historically, it is innovation that creates the next wave of growth in the economy during a downturn. Instead of trying the same thing over again, David Rhodes, suggests innovation in green technology, health care, and defense. Companies who embrace the changing economic climate are the ones primed to come out on top of a problematic economy. Read more…


Steve McKee on What to Do When Growth Stalls

One of the toughest lessons every business leader learns is how hard it is to generate sustained growth.

December 11, 2009 / Podcast # 09-50

Steve McKee

Stalled growth is the rule, not the exception–even for the best-managed companies. That’s especially true in unpredictable economic environments such as the one we’re experiencing today. Steve McKee commissioned a study of 700 companies that had at one time been among the nation’s fastest-growing businesses. In his book, When Growth Stalls, McKee presents compelling knowledge about how and why companies lose their way, and offers practical advice about how they can rekindle growth.

Steve McKee is the president and co-founder of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, a full service marketing communications firm that has twice been awarded the American Marketing Association’s EFFIE Award, one of the industry’s highest honors. He has more than two decades experience coaching troubled companies as they look to better position themselves for success.

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Paul Krugman on Staring Down Depression Economics

A Nobel-Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist gives his insights on the current economic crisis.

May 26, 2009 / Podcast # 09-21

Paul Krugman

Edgewise is pleased to bring an extended conversation with Dr. Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University, a regular columnist for the New York Times, and the 2008 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics. In this interview Dr. Krugman provides a concise account of the events that led to the current economic crisis, and offers a prognosis for recovery. Dr. Krugman shares insights from his book The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Economy. In this book, Dr. Krugman chronicles how the boom economy unraveled: how exuberance gave way to pessimism, how the age of corporate heroes gave way to corporate scandals, how fiscal responsibility collapsed; and offers a road map for recovery. Read more…