Mike McGuire on Preparing for a Pandemic Flu Outbreak

Influenza pandemics are not static events like a hurricane or tornado, nor are they confined to a specific area. Pandemics come in multiple waves and experts believe that many organizations would have difficulty maintaining operations as a result of absenteeism due to illness, employees caring for the sick and other consequences.

While the federal government has plans to help slow the spread of the virus among critical populations, such as healthcare workers and emergency personnel, it is up to businesses to ensure that their employees stay healthy.

Mike McGuire, Vice President, Anti-Infectives at Roche Pharmaceuticals is responsible for leading an internal team that is charged with the development of a pandemic plan that focuses on protecting employees and maintaining business continuity during a pandemic.

He joined Roche in 1984. Throughout his entire career, Mr. McGuire has been involved with anti-infectives, including Rocephin, an injectable antibiotic, and since 1999, Tamiflu.

Mr. McGuire is a graduate of Mary Washington College where he received a BS degree in Biology. He received his MBA in Marketing from Montclair State University.

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